About Us

Dear Friends,

My name is Svetlana Gacheva. I would like to welcome you on our site and introduce my studio in brief.

City Glass Studio is a small warm glass facility producing fancy hand-made glass dinnerware, interior accents and wall art. Clean lines, minimal design and artistic approach have always been our key values.

Glass tableware has been our job for more than 10 years and during all this time we wanted to deliver not only quality but also infinite emotion to our customers. We have created numerous designs of our favorite “non plates”, as we call them. Thinking outside the box or like there is no such inspires us, so we will be happy to work together with you on your design or customize some of ours especially for you.

If artistic food plating is your passion or you accept tableware as part of your restaurant design, then we believe we are the same blood type. Share with us your ideas and we will develop them together.

Except our glass designs embodied into plates, glass handles and lighting our site will be constantly enriched with products useful for our customers. All additional supplers are organized in our "Friends" menu. Those are friend companies sharing the same values and design concepts as we do. 

I hope you enjoy your stay on our site!

Sincerely yours!

Svetlana Gacheva

Founder and Glass Designer