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About Our Company

How we started

Our glass facility dates back from 2011. Our strong love to this airy, transparent, light material and the interest to its specific characteristics, especially when it is hot led to a small studio with a glass fusing kiln where we started creating some small decorative objects, at first. Later, our passion to glass and product design led to the creating of a small product family of glass plates.

What we do

We do glass plates, suitable for professional restaurant use. Glass fusing technique gives your plates durability and colour stability. Glass plates are up to 30% harder than the ones made of any other material.

We do table top concepts. We will elaborate shapes, patterns and colours that will suit your taste and design. We will brand your plates so that your uniqueness stands out.

Why we do it

We give glass shape and functionality. We do it to dress your food and make it look elegant and stylish.